Speedol firm is a company that manufactures hydraulic oil. It has a long history. Our meeting with Yusuf Kocak goes back to ancient times. We would actually meet. The brand is already known and quality. From time to time, our common law with this company was shaped by a phone call. The caller said he was an employee and needed a platform. We jumped and went. We saw the place. The facility is really beautiful… It had a design and discipline beyond our guess. There was a town air at the facility. You think it is a natural form in forests that adapts to nature. Like a mountain, like a valley, like a river …


He was in a visual that did not find his place and where he did not find it odd. However, there was an industrial production inside. Neither the sound comes out, nor you will find the trace of the bad image of the manufacturing that we call waste. If you do not see the vehicles on the door when you look from afar, you say “I guess empty”. Here is the Speedol workshop in such a place.

We met with the friend who called us and made a discovery. Afterwards, hot teas were served and we chatted. We just listened. Nobody said anything. The friend, who was mixing the tea, suddenly stopped mixing during the conversation. He put down his glass. We didn’t even want to drink tea. We were a little depressed. We wanted to say goodbye, but we wanted to see the place once again.This time, we took our more detailed and precise measurements. There was not a single sound in the car. When we came to the company, we started our business as if we all had a division meeting in this silence. Drawings, manufacturing to-do list, appointments with control authorities were settled one by one. We did not even sign the contract. We signed it like our own business. Only visuals and technical information to be made to the opposite – Speedol – side were shared. They accepted it without any problem. We didn’t even talk about the fee.

How can we talk? A working female friend had to be confined to a chair after a traffic accident. Throughout the treatment process, the company and its owners have not lost their support for once and have always been with them until they regain their health.

They insisted that he come back to work after his treatment was over. What a joy and delicacy… They didn’t stop there either. They wanted to have a disabled platform built for their friends to do their job more comfortably – on the 2nd floor of the working area.

When we had a meeting with Mr. Yusuf Koçak, he closed the door and he was very excited when he said to us, “Oh no one hears it, we want to surprise the friend”.

We finished all the processes and entered the weekend and got all the work done one by one. We were all excited. His colleagues were more excited than we were, believe me. There were even those who came to help, despite the weekend. It’s all over. We painted it beautifully.

Monday they told about the joy of my friend – I couldn’t go that day because of my private job – a great joy and tears prevailed.

Valuing people is not verbal. Sharing human values apart from the common denominator – employee / employer – with the people you work with is a delicacy and humanity that cannot be expressed in words. It is a matter of conscience.

We saw this conscience, responsibility and humanity in the Speedol Family.

That is why we say once again that APPEALS TO SPEEDOL

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