When Bodrum is mentioned, the book Aganta Burina Burinata by Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, also known as Halikarnas Fisherman, comes to mind. The longing for the sea and the unforgettable words remained in the minds of those who read.


Do not think about where we came from. When we entered Bodrum, those words and literature came. Don’t look though, Bodrum has become a very crowded city now. Houses everywhere, crowd per meter, loud music sound and breathless humid air. You can neither travel nor talk in the air of moisture. It is best not to leave your hotel or place. Neither Bodrum nor Halicarnassus Fishermen are aware of this.They live and live by their conditions. We like to consume everything to the end. Experiencing popularity is unique to us …


We will see a celebrity or mention being in Bodrum on social media or socializing provides “privilege”, we are excited and advertised. But the truth is not like that at all. I guess it’s such a thing to be the influence of magazine programs and the ace of popular culture.


Our aim is not to defame or defame. As we said, it is not the fault of Bodrum and Halicarnassus Fisher. But when you go there, one does not want to see the place in your dreams, which is made up of reading.


Calmness and purity always give peace. The concretion that occurred with the proliferation of the stones covered in white left no trace of the soil. The only gratifying thing is that the zoning law does not give permission for high floors and uniform buildings become official under the decision.


But it is possible to say that; Still carrying so many negativity and trying to gain a natural appearance, Bodrum makes it more meaningful. Experiences, inspirations, magnificent stance still stands on it. You seem to see Bodrum you miss in the mornings. And in the winter.

While explaining these, we still haven’t gotten into our subject. Our minds remained in Bodrum. In our hearts …


It is such a big and fertile and hardworking place that it knows how to welcome everyone. It alone adds capital to national capital. It also does its best to please its thousands of facilities and millions of guests. Despite being crowded, the sky is so clear that you can feel the brightness and proximity of the stars. A jet black sky and bright stars seem to order us to “make wishes”.The sea is truly wonderful… It cools and entertains millions but still there is neither pollution nor cloudiness. You feel as if you are living with the fish in the sea while you are driving from the bottom in a calm sea. They see packs of fish and are used to humans just like the “Australian Penguins”. -Although the “Australian Penguins” have escaped from people right now- While a cool wind caresses your face, it works like a natural air conditioner trying to reduce the effect of the scorching heat.


Imagine what I wrote about this and take some time for yourself. Those who want to experience the rest should go to Bodrum. Those who cannot go, should try to live the dream I started with improvisation.

Kale Group has considerable investments in Bodrum. You can see the investments and contributions to Bodrum on the right and left of the road passing through the center of Bodrum. The most recently built storage areas have never damaged the silhouette of Bodrum and seem to have been identified with it for years. We got to work with a phone call from Mr. Ümit, the owner of the company. Neither he nor he saw us … But we seemed to know each other for years. Anatolian people get together quickly.Although the regions where we all grow up are different, our common denominator and thick lines in our culture are very similar. The most important one is our emotions and values shaped by circumstances. Our values are the same. We are like us so…


We installed it one by one after the orders from Mr. Ümit. We have built 20 units there for now, no matter what the next cargo platforms …


What would happen if he didn’t come? Will we be left with hearts or remember? Neither will be left. We will feel the only lack of effort in hospitality and sincerity in his conversation. Although we no longer have the equation of buying and selling, there is one more thing we will remember other than Bodrum’s Castle and Halikarnas Fisherman. He is Kale Grup and Ümit Bey.


While I greet everyone and pray, it would not be possible without sharing a brief from the symbol of Bodrum.

“Taking someone else’s line touches my freedom. / Halikarnas Balıkçıs”

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