We have always appreciated young investors. The sociable, dark-eyed, courageous and energetic due to their youth, they are “in the age” in that they follow the up-to-date. They don’t like classical systems. They can reach a groundbreaking energy by combining their academic and theoretical knowledge with experience. They realize their priorities and responsibilities by making concrete analysis of concrete conditions.

We met at an address we had trouble finding – we couldn’t find it even though we passed them three times. Finally we sat down and listened to the subject. In our industry, the story is very important. It is very important for the customer and the seller to be able to express and express what they expect – the freight platform – their needs. Actually, we are storytellers. We try to be both a good listener and a good narrator.

Our story was clear for us, although their colors, shipping addresses were different, their content and technical features were the same. It was desired that our hero be of a type that would carry loads and would not harm the environment, would not upset the landlord – the customer – and would not tire the supplier. The characters in the story, the introduction – development – result are determined.In fact, it is important to tell a good story, not to write the story. You need to make the protagonist of the story loud and loud, and bring the audience into the story. If you are not in integrity and reality and tell the story without you living first, it will be a straight text. An ordinary article… Yet, is it easy to write a story? Labor has been given. The head is exploded. A pondering work, a literary moment, and lives lined up in lines are put into thought, emotions and kneading. Get up, read this straight, without developing any emotion or figure. Then. The aftermath is a huge Nothing …

You cannot write the story without living the story. And you can’t tell. The listener should watch you with full attention. Even the word he knows by heart should sound different to him at that moment. So he should listen without breath. It should be swung at the slightest reaction and laugh at the smallest mimic. Otherwise, you will waste the story, you will also waste yourself the time spent telling the story.You just come across a crowd that spreads and listens, constantly looking at the clock – waiting for the end of time – and then turning their neck in a semicircle and exercising to prevent calcification on their shoulders. Let them stand up and congratulate you, even if they don’t applaud, they won’t want to remember you again.


We and Genmed also told his story. Then we added vitality, empathy. We both worked really well. Without labor, however, it is as if … “Songs that do not pass through pain are a little incomplete”, as well as those who do not go through labor are not valuable. We do not know the common ones. Although every day passes differently in your life or existence, if you do not have the action in mind, all days are no different from successive days.


We talked about young dynamic investors. Actually, they are not investors. Because the investor has capital and invests. The main thing is to invest his capital in profitable businesses that he will earn a lot. He does not look at the sector he invests in, he thinks about his profit However, Genmed company owners, the laborer you know, shed their sweat, came to these days with struggle, and They invested in their work, not wastefulness. In a short time, they have done admirable works and established their factories. After we first met, they wrote their stories and told us. Now they live their story and will continue to achieve success.


If you have a purpose, you also have a roadmap and strategy. If your strategy is not working and you insist on wrong, you are bound to lose. You will get a good grasp of your decisive story here. Into goodness If effort, sweat, and effort enter, wait, you have entered the direction of success. Nothing is holding you in your way, they just try to block you. They cannot mislead you from our purpose, they cannot keep you from your love.


And history knows that; The one with great love has a great heart

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