Heroes are always mentioned in history and today. When one says what wisdom is heroism, men always come to mind. Heroes are very few or in memory. In all social layers and periods – primitive communal, slave, feudal, capitalist – men have always been symbolized in the foreground and “power” in him. Here I will not dwell on gender equality, feminism. How many lines of text can I write, and apart from the topic in this article, let me speak  about the subject that I am talking about and that I am uncomfortable with. I can just get angry. I am doing that right now.

When talking about female protagonists, it is not possible not to mention Jeanne d’Arc.

Jeanne d’Arc (Jan Dark) was born in 1412 in a village in Domremy.

He was literally born in the middle of a war. Because those years were the bloodiest times of the Hundred Years War between France and England. The British, who were enormously powerful at sea, were attacing from all sides, while the French were trying to defend their lands until the end.

When she was just 12 years old, he began to say that famous Christian saints were in his dreams.

Jeanne d’Arc stated that the saints who entered her dream told her that she could save her country from the British. According to this declaration, Jeanne d’Arc was a kind of chosen, holy savior.

When he was 16, he ran away from home and became King of France VII. He went to the presence of Charles.

After several interrogations, the clergy believed that Jeanne d’Arc was a true divine savior. He was given a few soldiers under his command and allowed to participate in the war. Indeed, he was able to reclaim British occupied Orleans in 1429.

the success in taking Orleans back gave her a great reputation.

It was unlikely that any woman could be such a successful warrior. But Jeanne d’Arc had become a very good warrior. He also gained people’s trust and respect. Now France was on the rise.

Unfortunately, the same was not true for Jeanne d’Arc. After several successful victories, something terrible happened to him.

It was captured by the British on May 23, 1431. After a brief imprisonment, he was brought before the inquisition to stand trial.

The Inquisition accused Jeanne d’Arc of irreligion.

According to the court, he was a disbeliever who tried to fight by wearing men’s clothes and heard voices. As a result of the trial, he was sentenced to death. It was decided to be burned alive as punishment for his sins. As a newborn freedom fighter, he was suddenly sentenced to death.

Jeanne d’Arc was burned alive in front of a large crowd in the city of Rouen on May 30, 1431, and was left to die.

When she passed away in this way, she was only 19 years old. But what Jeanne d’Arc did was never erased from the memories of the French. In 1436, Paris was taken back from the British. With the treaty signed in 1444, the Normandy region was captured by France. The Hundred Years’ War ended in 1453. Jeanne d’Arc, on the other hand, was remembered and always remembered as a holy saint.

In short, this is her life. Her life and heroism are what we need most now. She strives for both the leadership of women and the cleanliness of her feelings and that beauty – it is said to be very beautiful – not for a house, child and marriage with a man, but for socialization and for the benefit of her people.

I would love to have a female comrade, a colleague in the platform industry.

Women are valuable in every religion. It is even said that heaven is under their feet. Reproduction and reproduction is thanks to the woman. It is the sine qua non and holiness of life.

Jeanne d’Arc chose her preference according to her inner voice, both at a young age and when feudalism was at its peak.

We also need Jeanne d’Arcs. Perhaps the point we are stuck today is that we remember the heroes again. In every aspect of our lives, we need heroes from us – as human beings – who we can model and model.The biggest feature that separates them from society is what they do. Although all of them consist of flesh, blood and water, their parents, heroism is not a physical act but a loveful act. There is labor in their love. They have big hearts.. There is a warm love in those big hearts. Embracing everything and everyone. It is courage, the name of their love. Did he like it? They wouldn’t be afraid. They don’t deny it. And they don’t mind sacrificing themselves, being punished for what they love. The smile on their faces is always warm and excited despite all the cruelty. As the poet said;

“To live a little adventure

maybe he was prone to great journeys

that adventures are always great loves

and starts with great journeys “.


I don’t know how to connect it to the platform, to the scissors. You were also curious. Well, let’s not bind that too. Let’s travel, see, have fun, but let’s not tie it somewhere. It’s Saturday. Nice in the air. The sea is different in Istanbul. Let’s go and have a cup of tea from the mobile tea shop by the sea – delicious teas – then think of Jeanne d’Arc.. Let’s think of our heroes – in our inner world. Jeanne d’Arc lived her dreams. Let us have beautiful dreams and dreams. If we have dreams, we have hope. Life is not just about buying and selling or routine things by working. It becomes more meaningful with our feelings and thoughts.This is what it means to be human. Let’s miss, remember, live. Then let’s think about our children. Our past and future are our greatest medicine. And let’s not forget our values that can be light in life. -Look, that’s nice-

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