Erhan Avşar: “We Value Your Life”


Details of the exclusive interview between our official Erhan AVŞAR and Elektrik Dünyası …


Kısaca firmanızı tanıyabilir miyiz?

Boğaziçi Platform is engaged in the production of hydraulic system equipment and personnel elevating platforms. Our company found in 1996 with the transition to the hydraulic system of Turkey in this sector self-contained. From 1996 to 2000, it served in the production and rental of personnel lifting platforms. He established his own firm towards the end of the 2000s. bring a new dimension to the rapidly increasing production of hydraulic lifting system elements in Turkey towards the end of the 2000s began to order production.Among the products it started to produce; Personnel Lift Platform, Hydraulic Lifts, Vehicle Lifts, Disabled Lifts and articulated platforms. Our company has started to focus on the rental business for the last three years. He made serious investments in the field of renting construction equipment. It made serious imports from the USA and Finland, especially on personnel lifting platforms. Currently, there are many personnel lifting platforms in the machine park of our company.For example, if 35 units articulated boom across Turkey that 10 of them in our company. There are only 15 units in Turkey spider platforms and 3 of them are with us this platform. As a company, we invested in specific products that are scarce in the market. In addition, we are renting a platform with vehicle baskets. Our company has a significant place in the sector in general. We have been so close to the industry for years, for example; We published the first magazine about platforms. Again, we prepared the first newspaper related to the sector for publication. With these publications, we started to deal with not only the manufacturing and leasing aspect of the sector, but also the economic, cultural and occupational safety issues and we started to inform our industry on these issues.


What would you like to tell our readers about the usage areas of the products and the convenience they provide to the customers?

After 2014, as a result of changes in the occupational safety and health law and a number of sanctions imposed by the state, it was prohibited to install stairs at places higher than 3 meters. When this was the case, companies started to use personnel elevating platforms.With the use of personnel risers, companies both started to save time and reduced the risk of accidents to a minimum. Platform risers, especially electricians; It is used by builders, signage advertisers, companies that install heating-cooling systems, lighting, cleaners and landscapers. In addition, the spider platforms, which I have just mentioned, are not available for everyone, but are used in more specific jobs for more specific jobs.

So how do you reach customers?

As a company, we have entered into a staffing process since 2016. In this sense, we met professional people. For example, a friend of ours who was the mayor of a public institution works with us. A friend of ours who was a senior manager at General Elektrik started to work with us. There is a sales organization that these friends I mentioned have established.Advertisements were given to the print and visual media by these friends. At the same time, we focused on social media ads, which are very popular today. In addition, the testimonials of customers have brought us many customers. As a result of all these studies and thanks to the special platforms we have at our disposal, we took our place among the most preferred and known company in our sector.


Are the customers conscious enough about the products they rent?

Of course there are some conscious among them, but it cannot be said that they are very conscious in general. Most customers think that the lift platforms consist of basket and scissor lift platforms. Therefore, we help the customer to rent the platform suitable for the needs of the customer by determining where the platform will be used. In fact, companies have started to approach this issue professionally for three years and we believe that customers will become more conscious about platform risers.


Are you getting enough support from the government?

Let alone receiving support, we always feel their breath on our back. Let us not see anybody in our industry getting support. We apply for Kosgeb supports and they find hundreds of excuses not to provide them. Therefore, if the producer expects the state, he cannot do business. Unfortunately, this general fate of Turkey. We, as a company, have established this business with our own means and we continue to grow our business with our own means and to develop our machine park.

Finally, can you tell us about your short and medium term goals?

Our goal in the medium term is to add new machines to our machine park. We aim to double the number of platforms in our current fleet within 2 years. There are freight elevators in our product portfolio and we aim to develop ourselves further in this regard, increase the product features even more and export related to this product. For this reason, we participate in fairs suitable for our target audience and promote our products at these fairs.


Boğaziçi Platform Authority



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