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When Bodrum is mentioned, the book Aganta Burina Burinata by Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, also known as Halikarnas Fisherman, comes to mind. The longing for the sea and the unforgettable words remained in the minds of those who read.   Do not think about where we came from. When we entered Bodrum, those words and literature […]


It is the value judgments that make society a society. Every society has its own values and the judgments it brings with it. Its culture, belief, geography and sociology make up these. Of course, sociologists know better. Their analysis, analysis and analysis skills are far ahead of us due to their academic knowledge.   The […]

NUSR-ET Resturant

Nusr-Et is a place where we can list words such as a brand, a lifestyle, a class privilege, tiki and tike. It is considered as the starting point for steakhouses. Maybe not the first to find it, but definitely the most popular. She has a portfolio of clients even just for taking selfies. In the […]


Speedol firm is a company that manufactures hydraulic oil. It has a long history. Our meeting with Yusuf Kocak goes back to ancient times. We would actually meet. The brand is already known and quality. From time to time, our common law with this company was shaped by a phone call. The caller said he […]


3.CHANGES TO BE MADE IN THE LIFT DIRECTIVE The European Commission and the Member States have acknowledged that the boundary between the scope of the Lift Directive and the Machinery Directive is not clear enough. Therefore, Article 24 (1) of the Revised Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC) foresees an amendment within the scope of the […]


It is one of the words that we have the most dilemma in. Which one do we use? We call it “freight elevator” in our designations in our offers. “How much money do you build an elevator with the following travel distance or in how many days do you manufacture it.” We say exactly that. […]


It was a book I read years ago. I read it at the insistence of a friend of mine. Before, words were difficult to understand. I was missing sentences and the topic from the confusion of words. Anyway, our accent got better as we read. I even started calling my mother “mami”. There was progress. […]


Heroes are always mentioned in history and today. When one says what wisdom is heroism, men always come to mind. Heroes are very few or in memory. In all social layers and periods – primitive communal, slave, feudal, capitalist – men have always been symbolized in the foreground and “power” in him. Here I will […]


“excuse me?” Someone said. I ran “here is what you wanted.” They gave their orders. At that time, I was doing other things, trying to reach other tables. Suddenly that table asked for something more. I ran again and took their orders with the same manners and morals. They were very kind. They were very […]


  Günsan electric, aka Shcinder electric light. The company, which is shown as a doyen of the electricity sector, designed its production with a professional transportation system. Hydraulic Load Platform was installed in place of the rope system hoist, which was previously used in its manufacturing in Samandıra and was not accepted everywhere and was […]

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