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It is the value judgments that make society a society. Every society has its own values and the judgments it brings with it. Its culture, belief, geography and sociology make up these. Of course, sociologists know better. Their analysis, analysis and analysis skills are far ahead of us due to their academic knowledge.   The […]

NUSR-ET Resturant

Nusr-Et is a place where we can list words such as a brand, a lifestyle, a class privilege, tiki and tike. It is considered as the starting point for steakhouses. Maybe not the first to find it, but definitely the most popular. She has a portfolio of clients even just for taking selfies. In the […]


3.CHANGES TO BE MADE IN THE LIFT DIRECTIVE The European Commission and the Member States have acknowledged that the boundary between the scope of the Lift Directive and the Machinery Directive is not clear enough. Therefore, Article 24 (1) of the Revised Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC) foresees an amendment within the scope of the […]

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