Cihan Boya, one of the pioneers of the automotive paint industry, revealed its color. The plaza he built for his newly built sales office is making a point with great visuality and magnificence. Cihan Boya, the winner of the Enzo Nobel Prize, is not only a candidate and a candidate for this award every year, but also receives the award personally. Company owner Bahattin Bey is a profile that “earned a living with his nails”. When you sit and talk, you start to calm down suddenly. It is a “monument of lived experience” where you can sit and chat for hours in a calm and sincere style.His conversation is always full of anecdotes about life. He used to say “I started with a bag”. My feet collect water, even shoes do not hold, so I would take a pair of sneakers and leather. I walked with sneakers, when I came to the door, I would wear the stools and wash my face. Everyone has a novel in their life. But Bahattin Bey’s novel is a life to rest with a little curiosity and to learn lessons.

Let’s get to our point without ado. We made a four-piston vehicle platform. The vehicle platform, with a traveling distance of 7.5 m, is a production that we started in the construction start process. While choosing us, he said “I reached you with reference”. We did not know the reference. When we went to meet with him, a large elevator company insisted on us. He even said “why don’t you do it”. Mr. Bahattin, his curiosity grew even more when they said, “Let’s leave the job to the expert, let’s build the human elevator.” Bahattin Bey is open and open enough to admit this.

We did our job. It was over too soon. He didn’t want us to commission it; as construction continues. Afterwards we never talked about the machine. But whenever we had the opportunity, we wanted to talk and chat with this monument of life by phone, face to face. Not everything is to buy and sell. The buy-sell culture is a consumer culture that capitalism puts in our social lives, which consumes and enables us to see and live everything. It takes ten minutes to “buy and stamp” a business activity or service as much as you want. If you push it a little more, it will take thirty minutes with technical data. Then…

You cannot talk anything, if there is nothing about human in your pouch. Even if we don’t, someone makes a platform. Or you can do whatever you want. Apart from the logic of buying and selling, the important thing is to meet in a humane and friendly denominator. Because one must enrich his environment in order to learn. It should increase its friends and social relationships. It should be based on a dialogue and sincerity that produces, not consumers. Honesty is a character that can be tested as soon as possible. We have experienced this very clearly at Cihan Boya and with Mr. Bahattin who shaped it.

Load Platform lightens your burden and Boğaziçi Platform lightens your heart.

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