Scissor-type Car Lifting Platform

Car platforms provide an ideal solution in crowded cities (such as İstanbul) with a notable parking problem.

Scissor-type car platforms used in parking lots help save volume significantly.


  • Dimensions: 2500mm x 5100 mm
  • Height when closed: 350 mm
  • Height when open: 2.500 – 39.900 mm
  • Navigation range: 2.500 – 3.9000 mm
  • Lifting capacity: max.3 ton
  • Number of stops: 2-3-….18
  • Electricity: 380V 40Hz
  • Engine: Gamak (brand name)
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Minimum 2 (can change per dimension).
  • Valve: Rexroth (brand name)
  • Remote control panel: 1 unit
  • Hydraulic power unit: 1 unit

For safety: The pressure safety valve, the hose escape valve – includes an extra second-limit switch.

2.1) Hydraulic power unit:

2.1.1) Hydraulic Storage Unit:

– In order to store the hydraulic fluid, the hydraulic storage unit will be produced at sufficient wall thickness from suitable material. The dimensions of the hydraulic storage unit will be determined by norms – as per DIN 19704-2.

– Hydraulic storage unit will have a slanted floor and there will be 400 mm distance between operation platform and the hydraulic power storage.

– Just before assembly of the power unit, the oil tank will be tested by a solvent (by doing a mobile penetration) that lets the bubbles be shown on the case of existence of any leakage.

– The lines of absorption and rotation need to be as distant as possible to each other, and the ends of the pipes must be cut at a 45º angle, and they will be designed so as to end 50 mm above the base for optimum stream.

-The tank will be shot blasted before painting, and there will be a double layer epoxy paint on it so that the tank will appear to be completely covered. The tank will have a vent to absorb the moisture and will have a mechanism to separate the lines of absorption and rotation from one another.

– Drainage valve, cleaning clearance, oil level indicator, float key, and all the hydraulic equipment that are installed to lid will be assembled to tank so that they would be accessible and subject to renovation.

– All the elements of hydraulic power unit, especially filters, will be assembled so that they will allow to exchange of the elements without removing the pipes or any other equipment.

1.1.2) Hydraulic Pump       

– The hydraulic pump that will be used in the system will possess changeable discharge power regulation and there will be Kawasaki pump to ensure productivity of system, energy saving and cost of the investment. Thanks to power regulation, the hydraulic pump will do the discharge pressure regulation automatically by taking the directory from the system. So, by the force of the impact that will be appeared in the system the pressure will be increased while the discharge will be decreased. Because of the precision of the pump to the load, we make the settings of velocity of the preferred cylinder sensitively, independent of the counter weight, without making any pressure, and without losing any energy.

1.1.2) Hydraulic Block and The Control Valves on it

– The control block is produced by the manufacturing institutions in Istanbul with Eaton-Vickers reference. Our control blocks are constructed by nodular cast iron and after processing they are being washed with our exclusive solvent. Our blocks are dispatched after getting an affirmation of quality control test system.

– Hydraulic direction control valves will be used with proper permeability and hydraulic pilot will be able to make the system stop and take off without any impact.

– With the variable displacement pump and the suitable permeable Rexroth proportional valve that will be used in the system, the platform stops and starts can be adjusted softly. In these soft passes, the pump will be sensitive to the load, so the pilot from the cylinders will adjust the discharge independent of load and send it to the system as needed.

– With the counterbalance valve on the system, the load on the platform can be safely moved smoothly and the load can be held in a fixed position without losing cylinders. Filters and the Indicators of Pressure:

– Filters will be selected in accordance with the circuit of the hydraulic system.

-The filters that will be used will be pollution-indicating type.

-The filters will be equipped with bypass.

-The nominal current capacity of the filter shall be at least three times the operating current.

– The filters will be assembled on the outside of the reservoir to facilitate the change of the filter elements.

– After the pump, suitable pressure indications shall be used to measure the pressure of the system in the pressure line or in some certain points within the circuit.

– A control valve will be installed at the connection point of the pressure indicators.

– Pressure indicators will be glycerin-type.

1.2) Hydraulic Cylinders:

– The cylinder shall be made in accordance with the opening and closing force of the lid. The hydraulic cylinder body shall be manufactured from suitable material affiliated with the pressure, from seamless steel drawn pipe to DIN 2391 BK + S quality standard and H8 inner diameter tolerance. The shell wall thickness will be resistant to the maximum pressure forces that can occur.

– Stainless material will be manufactured according to your selection of rod material. Outer diameter material surface should be 25-micron chrome plated and shall be ground and machined to f7 tolerance.

– The cylinder mats will be Kastaş brand and they will be resistant to widespread and available test pressure and forces in the industry.


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