The education season has started. We posted a headline a little late. It has been about a month
since the schools opened. It always came to mind, but we didn’t have the chance to write
because of the hustle and bustle. This was not the only reason. For example, we did not
encounter any practice for the issue to occur in our thinking.
Vocational high schools have compulsory internships. Students have an internship requirement
to learn what they have learned in theory and in practice. They are obliged to do their
compulsory internships in their branches and workplaces determined by the schools.
Consequently, there are students who are guided by schools to our company. In fact, such
programs and projects of the platform sector association and Haydarpaşa Vocational High School
have been continuing well in recent years.The biggest problem of our age and of our industry is
to be content with existing staff and not be able to train new staff. In an environment where
everything is rapidly changing, transforming and growing with it, you can move forward with
what you have. As a result of technological developments, retirement of existing staff, other
profession preferences, “getting a good salary offer” or compulsory residence changes, there are
situations such as a decrease in the staff, not being able to respond to the growing number of
companies, and not being sufficient numerically. stops.
Platformder ve Haydarpaşa Meslek Lisesi gibi değerli kurumlar ihtiyaçlar dâhilinde bu sorunu
gündemlerine aldılar ve konunun çözümü için acil eylem planı çıkardılar. Seminerler, toplantılar,
bireysel görüşmeler, fuarlar ve benzeri pratiklerle hızlı adımlarla, konuya müdahil oldular. Aslında
çok sevindirici ve moral verici çalışmalardır. Dernek ve akademik kurum el ele verip sorunları
çözmeye çalışmaktadır. Bizim gibi firmalar ve sektörler için iyi bir fırsattır.
We need to inform the association about our demands in this regard. Thanks to the association,
they are very interested. It immediately informs the High School and provides the necessary
personnel support. There are some of you who say now “This is not a job with the intern”. There
are parts of you that you are absolutely right. But consider a field. You have a big field. Without
maintenance, your product has started to become increasingly poor quality. You do not irrigate,
fertilize, and do not interfere with your field with technological production tools, you try to
produce out of date. After a while, you won’t be able to get that crop. As your expenses
increase, our production will decrease and your field will start to become ruined. Our industry is
also like a field.We bought all kinds of machines. We made the investments. But when there is
no man to use the machine, the machines in our million dollar park are nothing. Or we sent the
machine to work. Be it a long-term or a day job, let alone the long-term. The machine worked. A
malfunction has occurred anywhere on the user or machine. If we do not have qualified
personnel, if we cannot solve that problem there, the machinery investment we make, the
transportation cost we pay, the salary we pay to the operator, and the general expenses will all
be out of our pocket. The customer immediately takes us out of the construction site and does

not see us as his supplier any more. Where is the commercial dimension, profit making logic of

this?The profuse damage. Will the trainee fix this? No, right now. But if we take these children
and try to raise them with an instructive system alongside expert teams. If we make him love the
job. Then, if we slowly go out to the field with the assemblers and the technical team, if we
gently push the shoulder, show patience and labor, these children will be saviors for the sector.
Unfortunately, nothing happens spontaneously. It takes time, labor, love. Believe me, if we
cannot, we will shame ourselves, not the children.
Quality problem, isn’t it the plague of our age? In which workplace, how many employees are
literally a hundred out of a hundred or let’s leave this scale, which one does its job without
telling it for the second time. We have very valuable friends. We are already doing business for
their sake. Their qualifications and experiences support us. What about the vast majority?It is in
the troubles we mentioned. You say the job twice, he talks on the phone to take care of his own
business where he goes, deals with private affairs because he is going to work, he waits open
until the evening to write overtime, and then he goes to work in the evening. It usually works
after six. Comes with a visa right at the peak of business. He talks threateningly like “No, sir, this
money won’t save me”.
Friends, I’m telling you. Are we the slaves of the system? Are we slaves to our money? Or are we
slaves to our business? System, machines and workplaces come out of our initiative. We are not
dragging, we are drifting. We say yes to unfortunate men and unlikely concessions. Does life go
like this? We all walk around with medicine bags and doctor’s appointments. Our health, family
life, business, everything will begin to deteriorate.
We don’t call it a bad guy here. We are talking about insufficient staff and staff structures with
no alternative. We will do well to staff. We will have alternatives. We will train. We will raise it for
ourselves, for our children, for the industry, and not to be in need of muhannah. If we don’t raise
it, we will continue to be a slave. We will obey. We will swear allegiance to malicious people.
However, we have come to this day with neither difficulties nor efforts. Now, will we leave the
challenge for unqualified cadres or the malevolent people who put their interests in front of the
business and leave the land? Marx has a saying that “workers have nothing to lose but their
chains”.. Actually there is. Nowadays this has changed a little. He has a house, a car, a credit
card, and a standard of living. Maybe not for the minimum wage but for the middle class. The
middle class most interested in the stock market (managers, seos, foremen, etc…). insufficient
staffing or the logic that puts the interests of the business first and says “how do I swear the
company” will make us lose. How many companies have we seen ended up with lack of staff,
unqualified employees, wrong strategies of managers. The essence is unreadable.
This morning someone came on his motorcycle. We greeted you. The papers in his hand… He
introduced himself. I immediately got up and shook hands. My first word is “Are you that famous

Emin teacher?” Yes, there is a teacher named Mehmet Emin Yaman. In Haydarpaşa Vocational

High School… An excellent character… His students love him. All students have a phone. He gives
his number without hesitation. It is with them day and night because they are. He takes care of
his every problem. They try to solve problems that they do not share with their families with
Emin teacher.“There are students who come to keep the score. We call them offended. ” He
started to explain his support to them; “You know, we take care of these children individually.
We have brought the best teachers with them, we take them to the construction machinery to
make them love their jobs and professions, to constantly visit companies, fairs and to use
machines. We are playing games officially.For them to be happy, to love. This will be their job.
We don’t want to raise empty children. Because real life is neither on TV nor on the Internet. We
strive to have a bracelet and a job. “
My eyes were tearing while listening. He doesn’t care if he wants to, and goes home in the
evening. It looks at students as jobs. But it doesn’t do that. My children say. He did his job for his
purpose. “I want to deserve my salary until the end,” he says. In this responsibility… Yet isn’t the
qualified staff we mentioned above Emin Hoca? He runs day and night, not during working
hours. He strives so that the children have a purpose and a job they love.
It’s our turn, friends. We will support sure teachers. And we will take trainee students from
Haydarpaşa Vocational High School or any of our nearby high schools and strive to see good days
for both ourselves and them.
It will bring Quality, not quantity to the world …

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