Tek Pistonlu (TP-010-001)(TP-015-001)(TP-020-001)

Hydraulic Cylinder And Chain

We use high precision, wear-resistant Φ90mm hydraulic cylinder with locking mechanism for fall protection on load platforms. Oil passes into the cylinder from the pressure of the pumping station and backflow is prevented by the non-return valve. The cylinder rod rises continuously with constant hydraulic oil flow.

The 16A or 16B chain model used has a smooth surface, compact structure, standard sprockets, high load capacity and tensile resistance. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Limit Svici (Hareket Svici)

One of the important parts of the load platform is limit switches. The Limit Switch is LXK3-20S/T model with IP65 rating. It is used to convert mechanical displacement into electrical signal. It allows the height of the elevator to be limited with high precision.


1. Overflow valve prevents high pressure when the hydraulic platform is lifted.
2. Manual emergency valve allows you to go down to the nearest floor in case of an emergency such as a power outage, earthquake, etc.
3. Manual pump allows climbing to the nearest floor in case of an emergency.
4. Hose burst valve cuts off the oil channel to stop the load from falling off the platform when the hose bursts in the hydraulic system.

Low Cost

■ Low failure rate with advanced and safe hydraulic system and control mode.
■ Low power consumption and energy savings are achieved by utilizing the hydraulic elevator’s own weight for descent.


Freight elevators; It is used in factories, warehouses, industrial facilities, institutions, wherever products or materials need to pass from one floor to another. It provides fast, efficient, smooth and safe access to mezzanines, balconies, basements and all levels in multi-storey buildings. Can be installed for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Boyutlar 1200 × 1500 cm
Yük Kapasitesi

1,000 Kg (TP-010-001)
1,500 Kg (TP-015-001)
2,000 kg (TP-020-001)

Seyir Mesafesi

1 Metre

Seyir Hızı

0.15 /Sn


İstenilen ölçü ve seyir için, keşif ve teklif talep ediniz


1M – 19M


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