Who Is The Boğaziçi Platform?

“It is the dialect of the idea that make up the movement of history.” (Hegel)

Boğaziçi Platform is in this sector for a long time and also makes different, unique products and solutions.

As approriate to quality standarts, it has moved on by carry out the latest development in technology.

Our aim as Boğaziçi Platform is to reach the best by passing traditional methods with the possibilities of modern technology and to provide you a safe, quality and comfortable life.

It is impossible to accept mistakes in the platform and elevator sector as it directly concerns human life and product safety. From this point of view, we carry out all our activities with zero error principle.

Based on human life, Boğaziçi Platform does not use poor quality materials in  its machines.

Our products and services can not be used without test, without full security. Boğaziçi Platform does not only make machines; every machine implements values about people. Taking into account the past, it brings together everything that will be transported to the future with technology and offers it to the service of the industry.

It cares about history and brings everything to be transported to the future with technology and offers it to the service of industry.

Boğaziçi Platform tries to win, not lose, what is important for business ethics and better service to its customers.


Video Introduction

Our Vision

“On the basis of confidence building with our customers and solution partners that we have created, we are following the developments and the trends around the world; by realizing all of these, constantly, our aim as being institution that learns, renews i”

Our Mission

“Our self developing, young and dynamic professional management team that provides the best service to our customers with highest benefit.”