Double-piston Hydraulic Lifting Platform

A double-piston lift with a lifting capacity of 2.000 Kg. Please find below detailed information concerning the technical specifications and benefits of use of the lifting platforms produced domestically by Boğaziçi Platform.


The Boğaziçi Platform is a solution to the need of your managements or buildings for a medium scale weight lifting. Boğaziçi Platform have been produced entirely by domestic technology and that have proved to be a European standard.

It is a solution that will increase your profitability in building costs. Because it does not require rope and machine room, it provides space saving. Service maintenance costs are quite economical. In dual-piston hydraulic load platforms, the material wear rate is much longer than of chain and rope systems. You need to consume energy in both ropes and chain systems while both rising and falling. Piston systems do not consume energy when going down; It provides a great energy saving in the enterprises. The system depreciates itself with these added values. The system does not cause an abode loss because it occupies the minimum space. This creates a distinct added value for both your business and your building.

It will not cause you a loss of time because of the practicality of its execution.

It is safe; In contrast to the risk of breakage in ropes and chain systems, the piston systems work with pushing force. You do not face risks like chain and rope drainage. It does not cause panic in power interruptions due to its ability to stay fixed without loss of energy.

Another economical feature: If you need to have a backup energy source in case of lashing and chain systems, you can ensure that the load elevator can be safely moved by turning only one valve in case of emergency in this system to make it touch the land.

End of bitter experience! Chain and rope systems have completed their working life in a short time because of high maintenance costs. You cannot get reciprocation of your money back as long as the price / performance range of the product is high (chain and rope systems). However, with the hydraulic load elevators produced by the Boğaziçi Platform with domestic technology, you will get efficiency for many years without any loss. Since the actor material is piston, maintenance cost is considerably lower than other systems.


Imagine owning a two-story shop as large as 300m2. Even if you happen to rent the ground floor at a reasonable rate, you lose rent on account of the depreciated value of the second floor, or else possible tenants have to be limited to those who can utilize the total area (300m2) because your shop only appeals to them. On the other hand, thanks to hydraulic weight lift you will be able to rent out both floors as one shop. Suddenly, then, what is at issue is a place with double square footage. Wholesalers whose products take a great deal of space, car dealerships, firms offering technical assistance services are obliged to rent shops with high square footage. What this product does, therefore, is to provide an elegant solution to the square footage problem.

Assume you are erecting a new building, but don’t you have enough space for environmental regulation? Do the basement floors fail to be utilized so as to meet daily needs? Here lies the solution. You can save a lot of space by making use of garbage-collecting units. The only thing required from you is the simple push of a button whenever garbage is being collected, thereby carrying the waste to the garbage trucks.

We are especially shouting out to architects, owners of technical assistance companies, owners of buildings, storage firms, factory owners, and wholesalers: this product will help you realize your dreams.

Our product is under warranty for two years. Thanks to our wide service coverage, your problems will be met with assistance in no time. For further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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