Single-Piston Hydraulic Lifting Platform

An exemplary indoor single-piston lifting platform produced by Boğaziçi Platform.

Find below the technical specifications and benefits of use of the lifting platforms.


Single-piston hydraulic lifting platforms can lift up to 30 tons. Since many of the parts used in the platform are exposed to oil, there is little corrosion and abrasion. Moreover, we only use long-lasting oil. Because the cable involved here does not operate by means of friction, there is no abrasion in the pulley or the cable.


Unlike is the case in standard (electric-pulley) lifts, with single-piston hydraulic lifts, the engine operates only during ascent (not in descent), as a result of which a great deal of energy is saved.

These platforms make no use of counterweight; moreover, they are preferable because they don’t require an engine room in the uppermost section.

Hydraulic lifting platforms operate quietly. The engine noise is not audible in the buildings. Thanks to its quietness, hydraulic lifting platforms are especially practical for business enterprises involving many people.

There is no risk of accident if a sudden power outage were to take place. During a power outage the device automatically brings the platform to the default floor.

Furthermore, these platforms are safe in case of possible occurrences of calamities, such as earthquake and fire. Access is made easy by the fact that the machine room is located on the ground floor. Unlike other types of lifts that carry weight above a well, hydraulic lifts rather rely on the foundation of the building, which in turn reduces inertia force. The likelihood of significant damage and injury are thereby lessened by 90%.

We as Boğaziçi Platform prefer hydraulic lifts in villa-type elevators, vehicle elevators and hoists. With a mission to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price, and with many years of experience under its belt, Boğaziçi Platform offers production, installation, repair, and maintenance services.


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