It is the value judgments that make society a society. Every society has its own values and the judgments it brings with it. Its culture, belief, geography and sociology make up these. Of course, sociologists know better. Their analysis, analysis and analysis skills are far ahead of us due to their academic knowledge.


The Adamar company made such an association with us in this sense. Izmir-based company went to logistics warehouses in Istanbul, Marmara region due to the growth of its business and the expansion of its markets. Yes, we did not say what he does. Adamar is a logistics and material supply company. It is a professional firm that meets and manages all the needs of the ships, whether domestic or international.. The place he bought in the Dilovası region is truly an investment worth seeing. All materials and machinery equipment used in the investment are selected from the best quality. The aim here can be interpreted as “doing whatever it takes to give the best service in the best way” rather than “spoiling the money”.


When you enter the Dilovası Mermerciler industrial site, especially if the season is winter, you will only hear the sound of wind and cold. When you get out of the vehicle, the cold will not surround you, it will fight with you. Your face is exposed to violence in the face of cold. If you need to stay outside for a while, things are cold up to your bones. When you enter, a completely different atmosphere is created. The sound of the machine working inside and the environment outside are no longer odd., you see routinized looks. Everyone is in their own business. Is it hot in the office? A lady in a white coat is constantly serving hot tea and linden. You admire the scent of lemon in your nose and the sight of it dancing with linden. In the area outside the office, there is an average room temperature that is not at all odd. There, too, the rush and harmony of the busy workers comes to mind.

A warm dialogue welcomes you in that cold “geography”. You forget everything for a moment. Whatever is on you in the pain of struggling with the cold during the time between the vehicle and the entrance to the workplace is like the lines “unprofitable, gently born into you, taking away …” However, it is not known whether it is from the environment or the maximum room temperature meter inside, but you are sitting in a shirt.

Everything starts there anyway. In the face of modesty, you think you are in another realm. He gets involved in the subject with his questions and his character who knows what he wants and knows what he wants. They have no small accounts. Asks what should happen. He waits with his data to try to understand, not to “cut prices, to make comparisons” and then to make an in-depth analysis and find “the most suitable”. It won’t bore you. In every shrinking environment, a joke, a sincerity, and the ensuing laughter rise against the cold outside.Like the house paintings we drew when we were young, our lamps are visible from the outside and all the movements in the house are visible from the outside. We draw a picture like that, in the environment there, everything is like inside but outside. But the peace, warmth and sincerity inside are so dominant that they are beaten outside as if they were defeated, just like weeping for their pain.


Agreement is made. Double piston, two tons capacity and ten meters height. Yes, let’s not forget about pvc spiral doors and floor leveling. Everything took place in such a friendly and peaceful environment that you want to drink teas and linden, which are crowded on your table, before your sister in a white coat is serving you. Now that it is time to set off, it covers your face and your top tightly, and your mind and the smile on your face still stand warmly while you get into the vehicle by running.Adamar  firması gerçekten de güzel bir isim seçmiştir. Mertlik, dürüstlük, güç, kuvvet bizim gibi feodal toplumlarda “adamlık” yani erkeğe mahsus biçilmiştir. Baskın güç erkektir, güç ve iyi olan her şey erkekte somutlaşmıştır. Neyse konumuz bu değildir. Sitemimizden dolayı bahsi geçti sadece açıklamamızın.


If the word Ar; As we all know, cleanliness represents purity and care. It is the sum of values. It is an indicator of cleanliness.


We immediately connected the result. I’d really like to write more, but today I’m pretty busy. I couldn’t focus on the article because of the phones and guests. There is no need to write a lot anyway. We always saw beautiful things from our window while looking at Adamar. You will see the same and more beautiful ones. We are sure of that.

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