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When Bodrum is mentioned, the book Aganta Burina Burinata by Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, also known as Halikarnas Fisherman, comes to mind. The longing for the sea and the unforgettable words remained in the minds of those who read.   Do not think about where we came from. When we entered Bodrum, those words and literature […]


It is the value judgments that make society a society. Every society has its own values and the judgments it brings with it. Its culture, belief, geography and sociology make up these. Of course, sociologists know better. Their analysis, analysis and analysis skills are far ahead of us due to their academic knowledge.   The […]


He was just staring at the ceiling with his eyes. After a good look and the sound of the outside cold prevailing in the house, the overflow of the water in the jug above the stove broke all this silence. He smiled and looked. He was quite weak. How many days he was at home. […]


free artıcels Today is Saturday. Weather sun visor. Sometimes the clouds joke with the sun, they surround it. The sky is getting dark. You think it’s evening. There are cars trying to reach somewhere on the highway and occasional sirens. When the neighborhood we used to live in was very quiet and color televisions were […]


Do you remember what I mean? In the morning, when our bus docked at the pier, I went out. I was shivering from the cold. However, the weather in Istanbul was hot and above seasonal normal. Yes, I saw the cold for the first time at night especially my teeth were shivering and making noise.The […]


Erhan Avşar: “We Value Your Life”   Details of the exclusive interview between our official Erhan AVŞAR and Elektrik Dünyası …   Kısaca firmanızı tanıyabilir miyiz? Boğaziçi Platform is engaged in the production of hydraulic system equipment and personnel elevating platforms. Our company found in 1996 with the transition to the hydraulic system of Turkey […]

NUSR-ET Resturant

Nusr-Et is a place where we can list words such as a brand, a lifestyle, a class privilege, tiki and tike. It is considered as the starting point for steakhouses. Maybe not the first to find it, but definitely the most popular. She has a portfolio of clients even just for taking selfies. In the […]


Heroes are always mentioned in history and today. When one says what wisdom is heroism, men always come to mind. Heroes are very few or in memory. In all social layers and periods – primitive communal, slave, feudal, capitalist – men have always been symbolized in the foreground and “power” in him. Here I will […]


“excuse me?” Someone said. I ran “here is what you wanted.” They gave their orders. At that time, I was doing other things, trying to reach other tables. Suddenly that table asked for something more. I ran again and took their orders with the same manners and morals. They were very kind. They were very […]


A construction was made years ago. All works of the construction are finished. Everyone moved into their homes one by one. They loved their home very much. Its playground, playground, parking lot, security, outdoor area arrangement are very much appreciated by the environment. “I wonder who lives in this beautiful house,” the subject is said […]

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