NUSR-ET Resturant

Nusr-Et is a place where we can list words such as a brand, a lifestyle, a class privilege, tiki and tike. It is considered as the starting point for steakhouses. Maybe not the first to find it, but definitely the most popular. She has a portfolio of clients even just for taking selfies. In the past, people used to dress to go to Taksim, dress up, choose their suits, shine their shoes and put their wives on their arms to Taksim,They wandered the Taksim street with confident, forward-looking eyes and a smile on his face. While the movements were dancing in a naive and calm manner, everyone walked in a synchronized manner.We do not know them. Taksim as we know; crammed and flooded place where you avoid hitting anybody. Of course, our subject is not Taksim. NUSR – ET is a place where “elites” or those who strive in this sense go, as its customer is Taksim of the past. Although the popularity is spoken, taste is definitely at the forefront here.


Of course, these are what we see in front of the curtain. It is where everyone sees the curtain. But let’s tell behind the scenes because we live there. I can tell you that it is the cleanest, hygienic and disciplined place I have ever seen, even though I have so much experience. Do you believe that how many times we wanted to enter the production and take measurements, dozens of hygiene and cleanliness checks were made each time. No one other than us said “indignation” when the same action was taken every time – including the staff. Your eyes are dazzled when you enter because of the white. Everywhere is white, sparkling. Elements, caps, aprons, masks, shoes suitable for the place and OHS inspections etc. they act like white angels with things. You call it a butterfly paradise. But there is only one sound, no noise. Everyone does their job professionally. There is no hustle and bustle. – The wheel rotates like the gears of the machine – Nothing fails is possible. We’ve found that every machine used is the best in its class – as this is what matters to us. You say “what about the food machine?” No, it certainly wasn’t. They had experts in every subject. And they were quite competitive with you, or I can say better.

The Nusr-Et brand is proud of the investments made and the professionalism in its business, not after we saw it, and it makes a name for itself in the sector. After we saw the facility and the structure, we saw that these positions should be undisputed.

What did we do to Nusr-Et? Never mind, the load platforms we made. Would you ever expect that machine makers like us could talk about such a dining place? I compared myself to gourmets like Vedat Milör and Mehmet Yaşin, who offer cooking shows. Whether “Rights that will give the right to” According to our proverb suggests that NUS-ET is a new stream as a philosophy of life, Turkey’s.


Note: We made a few cargo platforms there .

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