Today is Saturday again. You know, we have a separate law with you on Saturday. What is it? What will happen to my free articles of course. I am a servant who has a wannabe writing but is torn between writing or not. This is my humble recipe.

As i am write these lines to you , the voice of a woman resting, giving peace and compassion on the radio rises. “Black eyebrows,” she says. Should I hang on to the words “If the doctor Lokman comes, my wound will be aggravated – let him come to cover my wound” or to the telling person? It has an identity, an attitude. While listening to her, Pir Sultana, Bedreddin, Uncle Musa, children, first Lights of the sun, Aze, Black Eyebrows etc.. you go. It will take you. Don’t worry too much, the person I’m talking about is Ilkay Akkaya. He was having health problems these days. I was very sorry. Get well soon. I hope he has recovered or recovered as soon as possible.


What did we say? Sun-Tzu. The title of his book is The Art of War. He lived 2500 years ago. But his strategies and words are still spoken. You know, we have words that we make on social media that are famous, attractive and pleasant word market. We write on everything. Revenge in every matter, indigestion, a rhetoric, a disapproval and “when the day comes …”We use implied words such as. He does not come out with very nice words and words. With these smartphones and developing social media addiction, we will raise a lot of poets, writers, writers, midwives, writers and directors who love their midwives, photographs and “selfies” – the kind that will make stones. Do you believe that while watching the Olympics, I never meet our contestants. Because usually the first rounds have passed and ours are among the eliminated. Football is still “despite the money stamps”, we hardly won the Andorra game. While defeating Moldova, we once again declared ourselves “Conqueror of Europe”.There is some progress in amateur sports, but to what extent. From spending it on football, with no financial resources left to support an organization from below.


I only congratulate our PARALYMPIC athletes. My chest puffs as I watch them. I look with admiration. I feel like I can feel those breathing. They also make our faces laugh. Their success in football is obvious.We witness what they do in swimming and basketball. Because they do their job seriously. Not to be noticed in the public. They are activists, revolutionaries. Because they are trying to be the voice of everyone who deserves not only themselves, but also their awareness, not in their own name, but in their own “unimpeded life”. With so many scarce opportunities, they achieve these successes with their efforts only because of the mission they have set for themselves and make the whole country happy. Bravo you guys who want a life without barriers.


Our topic is our success in social media. I don’t know about sports, but I say at least semi-finals in social media Olympics. Not six. The finale is not difficult at all. We are very talented.

lets speak brifly about sun-tzu :

Sun Tzu is a Chinese commander, philosopher, and military strategist who lived in the 6th century BC.

His immortal work, known as the “Art of War” or “The Art of War”, is a work that examines how to prepare for war and how war should be conducted in order to win victory.

One of the longest surviving works in the history of Chinese literature, the Art of War has been one of the leading works of Chinese military strategy over the years.

The Art of War was first translated into French in the 18th century and then into English in the 20th century. Later, it was translated into many Western languages and became a very important work outside of China.

The Art of War is not only on the battlefield today, although 2500 years have passed since it was written; It offers important lessons in almost every field of winning and losing.

The advice that Sun Tzu gives in his work titled Art of War can find application areas in many fields such as politics, law, business world, economy and sports. This feature of the book carries the Art of War far beyond being a simple military strategy book.

Although little is known about Sun Tzu’s life, it is believed that he lived and wrote his book in one of the most conflictual periods in China (Warring States Period, 403 BC – 221 BC). Therefore, it is certain that the author has had many important war experiences.

These books and words actually have a depth and philosophy that can be useful even in daily life.

Top 30 Tactics;

  • Keep your friends close to you, your enemies closer.
  • Seek strength in yourself, weakness in your enemy.
  • Beware of the strengths of your enemy, attack their weaknesses.
  • Securing confidentiality by not talking too much; It is the duty of the commander to stand up straight and to ensure fair discipline.
  • Without tactics, strategy is the slowest road to victory. Without strategy, tactic is the pre-defeat noise.
  • Perfection does not mean winning every battle by fighting. The best strategy is to win without fighting.
  • All wars are based on deception and confusion.
  • Anyone who despises the enemy and neglects planning is doomed to be captured by the enemy.
  • Once people are united, the brave cannot go forward alone, and the cowards cannot retreat alone.
  • Get something that your opponent values, then it surrenders to your will.
  • The greatest skill is to seem weak and incompetent.
  • Let your plans be as dark and impenetrable as night, flash like lightning when you take action.
  • Be caught in your own emotions and don’t take up arms.
  • An unpopular commander cannot be useful to the nation, nor a leader to the army.
  • There is no country that has benefited from the long war.
  • If you know yourself as much as you know the enemy, do not be skeptical about victory.
  • Be fast as the wind, as dense as the forest.
  • Those who are masters of fighting do not get angry, those who are masters of winning are not afraid, the wise win without fighting, the ignorant fight to win.
  • Better to wait and watch than to act first. It is better to take two steps back than to take a step forward. The name of this is to go forward. When two great powers come face to face; victory will be the one who knows how to give way.
  • War is like fire. If you do not extinguish it, it will burn itself out.
  • And if the situation is not critical, it should not fight.
  • Just as water does not have a fixed shape, there are no fixed conditions in war.
  • Those who overcome difficulties are the ones who take precautions before the difficulties arise. Those who overcome the enemy are those who attack the enemy without being ready.
  • A military unit cannot have a certain mold, it will be like water. Water also does not have a certain pattern. The ability to gain victory depends on changing according to the enemy and adapting to circumstances. This is called genius.
  • The important thing is to disrupt the strategy of the enemy forces, not to go to war.
  • Information that cannot go beyond knowing what everyone knows is useless.
  • If you know someone else and yourself, you will not be in danger if you fight a hundred times; If you don’t know anyone else and know yourself, you win and lose; If you don’t know neither yourself nor anybody else, you are in danger in every battle.
  • If they see an advantage but do not benefit from it, they are exhausted.
  • Opportunities multiply as they are pursued.
  • Turning the seeds of evil in people into righteousness, into ambition to win misfortune is the hardest work in the world.

“What does Sun-Tzu do on Saturdays?”


Do not look at the title of the article. So much thought; We can guess that someone who has thought of articles and strategies does not get stuck in days and months. But I spent this Saturday thinking about Sun-Tzu. What a beautiful Saturday …

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