A construction was made years ago. All works of the construction are finished. Everyone moved into their homes one by one. They loved their home very much. Its playground, playground, parking lot, security, outdoor area arrangement are very much appreciated by the environment. “I wonder who lives in this beautiful house,” the subject is said to the neighbor, they sigh.


Weddings were held, birthdays were celebrated. New new babies have come to the building. Like a society, a voice, a riot, a sweet peace rise in every house. “I’m going to the grocery store, do I need something?” Children say to their neighbors. They used to leave the things bought from the market at the door of their neighbors saying, “Aunt Hatice has not come out to the market now. When they had a wedding, they would stand together to aunt, and when a new life gave its first breath to the world, everyone would prepare something until they reached forty, and they would not leave their neighbors, daughters and sisters alone so that their milk would come in abundant.

Uncle Mehmet’s neighbors got very worried when the night got bad. Oh, so that nothing would happen to their frightened uncle.

Then one day, dark clouds came out. The storms have blown. His windows were shaking hard. The deluge has broken out. If Noah’s ship was, almost everyone would get on. The children are getting scared. Then the electricity went out. While lightning was illuminating every once in a while, he made a moan with a voice that exploded the hearts. Then there was silence. Again, as the lightning flashed, a blackout appeared. Silence started again. Suddenly there was a voice saying “booommm”. The door was broken with a loud noise, and he started to laugh in a deep voice. His muddy feet inside, lantern in his hand, water gliding down his head darkened.

Are you scared? Well, I was scared while I was writing. I wonder what will come out. It turns out that the “bad” neighbor is out. We don’t know if it’s good or bad. We cannot find anyone strange either. After all, it’s a story.

But we heard a story similar to this one. We added a little bit of our imagination. Our subject is physics. Of course it’s a joke …

As in the same story, settlements were bought in a building that was finished years ago – this time for real – and the owners have reached their floors. Years later, an owner asked a question, “Why is there a parking lift in the project? Why is there no elevator in the parking lot?” He asked, but at the request of everyone in the building, it was asked not to build a parking lot. Because the parking lot is now designed as a shelter and the place where the vehicles will enter from the top corresponds to the playground. By the way, there are greenery and trees all over the building. This topic was reopened years later and the friend said “I want it”.

Now we’re getting into the story. The contracting firm that delivered the job did not make any problems after years and came together with all the owners and asked “do you want it too” They gave the same answer as before, “what is the need, unnecessary expense” but when a Malik’s objection continued, the company owner Zeki said “okay, I will do it”. Everyone objected, but “where a person is uneasy, money is in the forefront of me.”


They called us. The reason why I know the subject so closely is that we are always in this subject. We prepared all the procedures. We finished the machine. In the site, which has a huge parking lot, “a lot of money” was spent for the neighbor’s own vehicle and another vehicle to enter and a parking lift was built. Approximately + house money was spent for the two vehicles.

We hear tricky words like honesty, standing behind the goods you sell… Everyone has done their job superbly. It has been institutionalized. After-sales satisfaction was very important to them. All Lafügüzaf. I have been in business and life for so many years, but I have seen a lot that most of the words are not in practice. One of the rare characters I see is Mr. Zeki.

Apart from our commercial ties, we have not even been in an average dialogue. But we saw his honesty when he did the job. Because of his inner world, his work went off by accident.

Now good luck to your dear neighbors.

We are not in a position to make a comparison. There are certain issues that everyone is right. We respect. We wanted to sample. He is someone who knows how to “take the heart” of his neighbor so that “the peace of the building is not disturbed” when there is no honesty, standing behind the word, or even a written binding.

Thank you Teknikel İnşaat, Thank you Metin Bey.

Thank you “thoughtful” Mr. Zeki.

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