Companies doing ambitious work in the elevator industry meet on a common ground with Boğaziçi Platform. It manufactures suitable for projects with its engineers with quality workmanship and professional materials, superior resolution and visuality in terms of all kinds of manufacturing and assembly.

It’s April, the weather is reminiscent of spring. The heat is under the dominance of the sun despite the weather conditions that the season should be. When we arrived at the specified address, we moved to a newly built room with friends who welcomed us. They took turns sitting in front of us with the people and the titles they brought with them. We felt like we were interviewing.However, our purpose of going was to order a human elevator for our building and to negotiate. Everything was so calm and the eyes were always moving carefully around the room. Teas, coffees and treats were flying. Especially the Turkish delight and dried nuts next to the table were the fruits we handpick in every conversation. In fact, we must have exaggerated that I pulled myself back a little when the new ones were reinforced. They insistently encouraged me and insisted “please” and we continued to eat the treats to add to the conversation.


The topic has been entered. We explained our problem. We were looking for a suitable solution. As you know, the disease “the company that made the elevator ran away”, disappeared before finishing the work. While the negotiation was going on, I said, “You do something here, and I will do something good for you in an order for my production”. Someone sitting in the corner said, “What are you going to do, brother? Are you going to make a 30% discount?” I, on the other hand, confidently thought, “Okay, now they have reached the stage, the bargain will be good,” and I was chuckling and laughing. I said, “Of course I do.”


Suddenly someone came out and went in with papers. Our letterheads are in hand, I was surprised. “Brother, the job we got last month has been approved. “Will you give us a 30% discount?” It started to fill with laughter. I was laughing bespoke so as not to speak of “manhood.” It was the picture that I was done. They immediately gave the lowest price for the order I wanted and got a lot of discount from me. We were hunted on our way to the hunt.


Then the laughter rose again, when we signed the signatures. “Brother how are you?” Asked Gökhan. He was the one who introduced us. I said “I’m fine” in a shaky voice. How could I be good at doing so much for this money? We were also going to barter. The profuse damage.


I came to the office and started thinking. I remembered Yılmaz Erdoğan’s movie Organized Jobs, what a wisdom. I thought a little more and that movie is in my mind again. I called Gökhan. Well remember. Then I got to the point. “Brother” he said, laughing. “We were waiting for your future and we called you at the same time the order was confirmed. As we talked, it passed like a film strip, the design in that waiting place, the way of sitting, the dialogues …


Anyway I fell into a fiction. There is nothing to do. Look what a beautiful memory. It was a bit expensive, but it is still an important part in my mind.


Gökhan Ünal is the company’s sales and marketing manager. There is an interesting life story. Comes from Izmir to Istanbul in difficult conditions to build a new life. He wants to hold on here. He is quite overweight. He said to himself, “New life happens with new ones”. Somewhere that has found a job. As a warehouse. He knows no road, knows no trace in Istanbul He started work immediately. He wants to go home as soon as possible in the evening, get together with his children and take them under his wings.Come time, he will master the work and get used to the environment. His dialogues, style, and quick wit are noticed quickly. He calls his boss to his room one day. He says, “After that, you’re a salesperson.” He didn’t understand what he meant, “sir”. “You’re a salesman, my son,” repeats his boss. He noticed it. He saw the strength of his dialogue and his ability to persuade. When he saw how he handled the hardest jobs and did not run away from work, and did not get permission for a visit, he came to the conclusion that this was the blood he was looking for. Gökhan is now on the field for sale. As a result of that decision, the turning point of his life, Gökhan Ünal now “has a bracelet” on his arm.In order not to embarrass anyone, he tries to do his job both by car and by buses without rain or mud. The firm “stands up” with him. It is now identified with Firmla. We can say that he has the most elevator sales in recent years. As long as he sees a light, he runs and watches and finishes the job.


“I said overweight”. “New life happens with new things,” he said — that’s his word — and he has now shed a weight of his weight and reached a normal weight. Thus, he is a determined person who knows how to hold on to life, loves life and is a good person.

Wasn’t he the one who brought us to his pund and “hunted while hunting” anyway?

Good luck to “boy who wrote the book of the sale”.

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