Our bread is not solty

My mother used to say this every time she got angry. I used
to think they didn’t add salt to the bread during the kneading
prosess. I have tasted that salt-free bread does not taste
much well , it was a moment of angrey . Since it is always
said in anger, I could understand that the bread is more than
just a taste, it is a symbol of anger.
Always start with a good intentions ,The first step is
important for starters. After taking the first step the way will
be easy for you . Even İsmail Beşikçi said the first step is
very important. Because it’s your first sucsess on your self ,
first persuade , to persuade the people around you , your
first step to leave the bad people away and move forward.
actually when you step your fitst step , you will be stipping
on your own fears , own failure, you are throughing them to
the past so no more fears and failure . it needs courage to
take the first step , If you have fear, you cannot take the first
step , You should gather your courage and not look back ,
You gotta go over your fears. Once you look back you can no
longer take the second step, you are You trembling , the fear
has set in your hart , it starts by the sound of your heart
beating as a first reactions , Then your blood flow
accelerates and your body is now beginning to reflect all the
reflections of fear you will not be able to hold your knees.
Psychological depressions caused by this fear have begun to
appear slowly , Worries have increased. To get rid of this
situation as soon as possible, you look around with fear. The
more your eyes wander desperately, the more anxious you
become, the faster you breathe and the more you start
screaming in fear. Always goes backward steps so you thing
that you can feel safe . With your fears, you are waiting for a
branch, a wall or the danger that may come from behind to
make you feel safe. With a eyes full of fear and trembled low
jaw you will wish tos tay safe . if you are feeling like that , it’s
means that you didnot get your first step yet , it’s mean you
are not ready yet , you didnot come over your fear and the
most important thing you did not believe in the first step,
With this disbelief, you will experience the reactions we
mentioned maybe not the second step, in the third step.
Believing, being determined and the ability to convince
yourself , with out these features you will not be abile to
move foreward , Otherwise, your first step will turn into your
end and a traumatic life. When the fear enters the body, you
won’t get well , Fear has captured you in every move , Like a
bird your head starts to turn left and right , you will show a
great fear for just a small sound as a reflection, You feel like
hot water pouring from your neck as a sweat , Headache
starts in your head , you will not be able to sleep will at

and enjoying anything becouse of thinking , every thing will
be meaningless too , your vision will be limited and focus on
your fears, You only wait to face the danger and your fear
that will come to you, You even think about death. You are
convinced that it is better.
The first step is important. The first step is our identity. It is
our sincerity. It is our determination. Our future is our joy,
even our victory. Need to believe. The most important thing
is to love. Everything done with love is “light” and not
painful. It gives pleasure.
I’ve had many attempts in life. There were departures,
beginnings. It has to happen. Nothing is static, Everything is
in motion and, as the poet said, if there is a world that flows
loudly outside, you can always be in action or in actions and
moves that are turning points in your life that you will never
forget. Which is very normal.
Your companions are very important when taking the first
step. If you don’t have a good team or a good partner, you
won’t be able to move forward , and your life will be sad .
thing about the first bracket in a bulding , if it’s at the right
place , all the belding will be balanced . this is your first
step .
If you do not work with your team , do not act in a team
atmosphere and act with the same feelings and thoughts,
you will not be successful anyway. so you have to create a
greate atmosphere , a real one.
all your team should work as one hart , with one hart you
can create a greate sucsessful better than work alone .
your team should be qualified team and has it’s own
charecter ,If people with character and courage are with you
in your business life and social circle, it will give pleasure in
your way . If we can’t make our choices right, we’ll walk
around like a nightmare.
Before taking action, we must know the way we will go and
know the people we will go on that road. After getting to
know, we should think about everything to be encountered,
down to the smallest detail . We have to believe in our
team .the Most important thing is we should love our journey
and our companions. We must make them love us too .
if we did all what we mentioned before , i think your first
step will be rigid and unbreakable easily.
if we could not do that , as my mom was saying when she
want to plame something ” our bread is not sulty ” and we
will live all our life feeling sad about that moment

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