Sometimes your days do not match, there is no rule that it will be the
same every day. It was such a day that day. How Does? That day I was
more stressed and nervous than ever Because my wife was in pain, she
had to reach the emergency hospital. The friend on the phone is
asking insistently. I wanted to answer yes-no and hang up as soon as
possible.I held the steering wheel so tightly that my hands and the
steering wheel seemed to stick together, sweat was dripping.I was
making sentences like “Yes, sir, of course…”. My goal is to catch up as
soon as possible. Isn’t the aim always to catch up? Whatever the
subject, purpose or result is, isn’t it always a rush and desire to catch
up within us?
I hung up the phone. This time the company is looking. “They are
looking for Petrol offıce , waiting for an offer.” I said, “What will gas
stations do? He definitely wants a load platform,” he said. But in vain
they are waiting for a phone call from me insistently. “I said OK .We
came to the hospital at the same time. The people at home came from
there and I entered the hospital at the same time. Everyone in a hurry.
I was trying to understand what was happening with me. Actually, this
is the second one, I am experienced, but I am still nervous that it is an
early result.In the evening, friends came to visit. The subject was again
the Petrol Office. I scribbled an offer. I calculated. I said send this
tomorrow. A few days later someone called again. “There was a tender,
will you participate?”
I couldn’t say, “Either friend, why do you insist on me so much?” I said
“OK, I’m sending the team.” They went and when they came, “Brother,
the job is huge. We went through a full 4 hours interview while we
were entering. The job is not great, but it is very, very difficult to
convince the team for the procedures and delivery. ” First, I was a little
scared too.
Then the nurse called. I would see the boy. I said, “Okay, we’ll take care
of it.” A friend behind me said “What are you doing, brother? This is
not the station. Petrol Ofisi’s production site. A world of companies at
the door sleep there because they cannot get the job delivery report
approved and they cannot deliver the job. What do you trust? ” I
suddenly stopped going towards the nurse and turned to the friend
“Me?” I said, turning to him. . “I trust my job. I’m confident. We need a
name and a big test, right? We do the same projects every day and get
the same result. We will break the routine a little. We will break the
routine of our own, the industry and life. Our staff and we will do such
a job for the first time. It suits us to do what is not tried and has not

been done. ”

The friend was still enumerating the negativities and risks, “But they
won’t pay for the order and they don’t pay before the job is done and
the delivery report is signed. Even if he is approved – very difficult of
course – they will try at least four or six months. “
“Do we die?” I said. She looked at me surprised.
“Abi çocuğun oldu gözün aydın ama bunun sevinciyle konuşuyorsun.”
“I speak for that or that reason. OK, I’ll accept. We must not exceed
our limits. It is not ingenious to do the projects everyone does and do
the smooth work. For years we have said freedom and emancipation.
Now a job or an order will imprison us.. All our conditions are suitable
for doing this job. At least we believe we can do it. Is not it enough? It
just takes a little courage. We have courage, excitement and love.
We have been very agitated with friends. I went to work. Tanju Bey
awarded 4 contracts with 120 pages. The first 3 or 5 pages are
technical specifications and the others are articles describing sanctions
such as penalties, court, rights and law. I signed it. And we started
work.In fact, its executives have received job security awards in the
last four years in a row. It was a huge success. The goal is to maintain
success. The hard thing is to be the 1st. To keep it there, you must
always be agile, always new, always strong, always in shape.
Otherwise, the 2nd and 3rd are always on your neck.
We reached the final stage, everything is over. We got the reports. It’s
time for the paperwork. Nothing is accepted. Nobody says anything
either. We draw and send to news. We had so many texts, documents,
drawings and wisdom that we finally made them into books. This is
how the book History of Hydraulic Freight Elevator came about. May
God bless them, we also had a book from them, I had something I
could leave to my successors.
Again, what was wanted was not accepted, we could not make sense. I
went to the computer. I wrote my heart. It was mostly an article of
poems and words. I wrote everything but everything. I just asked

something. I am not in the money of this job. It was already a

job. Our loss plus cost from every delay is so high that we are not in
the economic part of the business.There was a promise I made. It is a
saying to everyone but everyone. We’re going to break the ground.
Indeed, the projects we have made for you are out of the box. Even
our employees had their confidence up until this final submission. The
industry looks at us with envy. I said “Come, don’t make these kids
humbled.I’ll give you as much trial time as you want. Everything is in
accordance with the rules. If you’re going to punish me, punish me.
That surrender report was not economical, it was the expectation of
many people and friends. Do not need to be in need of advice. ” The
next day and day was what the caller was asking what. Our hope was
exhausted now. Although they use the machine, they determine the
trial period by themselves ”
It was a day like every day. We were following them with new jobs.
Tanju Bey called. “Brother, I said that to you, don’t be silly in the mail.
Look, the guys answered. The owner of the signature circular can
come for the delivery report ”. I just said “yes” I hung up the phone.
Tanju Bey was laughing, bursting with laughter.
It just happened. Our confidence has been restored. Those projects
are our “Namızdır”. We broke the routine. Like the tale of Dede Korkut,
we had completed our maturity and deserved a name. We had saved
everyone’s dignity, regardless of our name, and they had a story that
they could talk about and proudly tell like a future victory.
Materiality is the last in the Boğaziçi Platform family. The most
important issue is to break the routine and catch the new. It is not
ordinary. We know because getting ordinary is the first step to decay.
Strives to be renewed. And as the band that rose over the radio said,
“Courage. Courage. More Courage… ”
We made a note in history after that job.
Just believe it…

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