Suddenly the voices seemed to stop. I took a deep breath. I thought
for a moment that the iodine smell filling my throat took me out of this
world. I could not hear the sounds of cars coming from the road
behind me, the sounds of children playing and laughing in the park.I
closed my eyes. I let myself into the caressing warmth of the sun and
the iodine smell rising from the sea. I did not want to open my eyes
when I mingled with that fragrance that rises in the damp soil and
greenery with the sun.I could stand like this for hours. You are in
another land for a moment. You are inside yourself and it seems like
you encounter what you miss, what you miss. It seems as if the
darkness in your eyes shines with the light that hits your face. Then
there is a sound. The sound is passing over you. Seagull voice. He’s
trying to get a piece of bread on the shore. A seagull followed by a few
more gulls soaring and flying to catch bread or fish.I wondered if the
purpose of seagulls was to just eat fish or feed them. Yes, they were
really just instinctively programmed to meet their needs. I was locked
in a magnificent silence and sight. Although it was sound, I preferred
silence or the image I was staying in invited me to silence.
As the seagulls multiplied, a seagull came down to take the piece of
bread before me. He walks slowly, while he looks at me nervously. His
movements are so slow that he doesn’t want to make a mistake, nor
does it allow me to make a mistake and hurt him. I pretended to hold
my breath. I waited for him to approach without any reaction. Getting
closerHe approached, jumping slightly diagonally. First he shook the
bread with his beak. Because they don’t take anything that is not in the
sea right away. He sure made sure when he shook the bread that he
took it in his mouth. When his bread fell off, I called him when I was
going to buy it again
“Are you very hungry?”
He got a little nervous. I called him again. I said, “Don’t run away, I can
give you some more bread or food.” After a few leaps, as if she
understood me, she remained facing me. I took out whatever food was
in my bag. Since I didn’t want to scare him, I left it a little far He came
and ate them a few minutes later. I called out again;

“If you don’t run, I’d like to ask you a few things.”

He looked up and looked at me. Now I’m starting to believe you
understand me. He came in other seagulls. It started getting crowded.
“I wonder if I have enough for them?” I looked at my bag. I bought
quite a bagel from the simit seller next door. I brought them and left
them somewhere close to them.
“I read a book called The Seagull. They were talking about you very
well there. Of course, I will not say whether you read it, but can I ask a
few questions? ” I said. He moved away a little. He looked around. She
spread her wings and fluttered on her fingers, as if pressing on the tips
of her fingers. Some dust and fluff blew up.He walked slowly and
moved closer to me. I was able to believe that a bond was established
between us now.
I asked: “Doesn’t a seagull absolutely have no right to respond to the
“But brothers!” He cried out. “Could someone be more responsible
than a seagull that finds the meaning of life, a higher purpose, and
strives to achieve it? We’ve been chasing fish heads for thousands of
years, but now we have a reason to live; to learn, to discover, to be
free! ” yell. The others were listening to him. Continued; “He
discovered that the reasons that shorten a seagull’s life so much are
boredom, fear, and anger, and when he erases them from his mind, he
lives a long, beautiful life.”
He wasn’t listening to me anymore. He approached me and opened his
eyes and cried out.
“Let me tell you a few words?”
” what do you mean “
I said, shivering. Because he was talking.
“You are reading a seagull’s book and you are moved by his words, but
when a seagull speaks, are you surprised and afraid?”
“Well… Well” I could just say, stammering in confusion.

He started to sort. Turning to the others. It started from the

beginning. He told about his experiences and experiences. Everyone
was listening to him with full attention.
“Why are we so few? Strange! Where I come from… Thousands and
thousands of seagulls lived, I know, ”Sullivan shook his head. “The only
answer I can give you is that you’re only a one-in-a-million seagull.
Most of us have developed so slowly.When we changed the world, the
place we reached was almost the same as we left, forgetting where we
came from, and ignoring the future. How many lifetimes have we gone
through to realize that feeding and strife are values beyond the
ambition for power in the herd?Thousands of Jon, tens of thousands!
Then a hundred lifetimes to learn about the existence of what is called
perfection, and a hundred more to reach it. Now, of course, the same
rule applies to us again: Who builds our future world with what we
learn here. Unless we learn something, our future will be the same as
the present. Always the same limitations, a heavy monotony like lead
we have to overcome… It’s always the same. “
“But what will happen next? Where are we going? Isn’t there a place
called heaven? “
“No, Jonathan, there is no such place. Heaven is neither a time nor a
place. Heaven is perfection itself. ” He was silent for a moment.
“Sen çok hızlı bir uçucusun, değil mi?”
“I… I like speed”, said Jonathan. He was both surprised and honored
that his guardian had noticed. “When you reach proficient speed,
you’re considered to have reached heaven, Jonathan. And that’s not a
thousand miles an hour, not a million miles, nor the speed of light.
Because any number is always the limit, whereas competence is the
He does not know. Competent speed is heaven, baby. “
“You can go anywhere or any time you want. I went wherever and
whenever I could think of. ” He looked beyond the sea. “How strange!
Denying competence for the sake of travel, the seagulls cannot reach
anywhere with that slowness. Those who refrain from traveling for the
sake of competence can go anywhere instantly. Remember, Jonathan,

heaven is not a place or time, space and time are meaningless. ”

“You can go anywhere or any time you want. I went wherever and
whenever I could think of. ” He looked beyond the sea. “How strange!
Denying competence for the sake of travel, the seagulls cannot reach
anywhere with that slowness. Those who refrain from traveling for the
sake of competence can go anywhere instantly. Remember, Jonathan,
heaven is not a place or time, space and time are meaningless. ”
If our friendship depends on things like time and space, when we
finally beat time and space, we break our own friendship! But when
we beat space, only Here remains. When we beat time, we only have
the Now. Since we are going to share the Here and the Now, how can
you not think that we will be together often?
Don’t be tough on them Fletcher Seagull. By excluding you, they have
only worn themselves and they will understand that one day. A day
will come and they will see it with your eyes. Forgive them and help
them understand.
“In reality, each of us is the very thought of the Great Seagull, the
limitless freedom. Flight competence is a step towards expressing our
core. We must oppose anything that limits us. High speed trials, slow
flights, aerobatics, the purpose of all of these are breaking borders. “
That’s how Jonathan trained his students on the beach in the evenings.
The Law of the Herd says that the excluded never returns, and once in
ten thousand years this law has not been broken. The law says don’t
go, stay, Jonathan was saying go, and he was already a mile away. If
they waited longer, they would face a horde of enemies alone. “Well,
since we are not part of the herd, we don’t have to follow the law, how
about you?” Fletcher’s voice was anxious. “Also, if there is a fight, we’ll
be more useful there than here.”
Jonathan was talking about very simple things: “Flying is a seagull’s
natural right, freedom is inherent to its existence. Whether
superstitious beliefs and traditions, or any form of limitation, whatever
restricts freedom must be removed. ” “Should it be removed and
thrown away?” a voice rose from the crowd. “Even if it’s a herd law?”

“The only real law is what goes to freedom. There is no other law. ”

“I don’t understand how you managed to love these rabble birds that
just tried to lynch you.” “No, Fletch, that’s not my favorite! Of course
you do not like hatred and evil. But you have to help them see the real
seagull, the good side in each. This is what I understand from love.
Moreover, once you have a taste of it, you cannot give up on this, don’t
you think? “I remember a furious young seagull, for example. His name
is Fletcher Lynd Seagull. He had just been outcast and was preparing to
engage in a life-and-death battle against the Horde, almost making the
Far Rocks his own hell. And he’s building his own paradise here today.
Moreover, it directs the whole herd to this. “
“Dear Fletch! Do not believe what you see with your eyes. They are
only appearances, limited. Look with your understanding, become
conscious of what you have learned and so you will find the way to fly.
I was looking at him confused. “Now leave your astonishment and look
at us. We are not flying to eat. We fly for freedom. When we are free
we will go to heaven. But now, as the wise seagull said, heaven is a
border. If we reach perfection, it will be heaven. “
I said “no more”. “You do that? You say. ” He looked at me like saying
“yes”. Actually, their rhetoric was not harsh. He used decisive
expressions to express his righteousness where he was right.
Otherwise, there was always a kindness and happiness on his face. His
environment valued him very much.
He said, “If you do not put the limits in your lives and set your purpose
well, you will remain as incomplete lives that always remain within the
limits and do not live the purpose of what is a means,” and began to
“Hey good person, thanks for the food. We have to fly more. Do not
forget that flying high sees far ”
“Yes, I fell asleep while reading. Just about to say, haven’t you seen

them going out? ” I smiled.

I asked : “Anybody drink tea?” , looking out the window. There were
seagulls flying. I wonder which one was Jonathon? He looked at it for a
long time.

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