Günsan electric, aka Shcinder electric light. The company, which is shown as a doyen of the electricity sector, designed its production with a professional transportation system. Hydraulic Load Platform was installed in place of the rope system hoist, which was previously used in its manufacturing in Samandıra and was not accepted everywhere and was not accepted by the company’s OHS. The load platform, the manufacturer and installation firm of which is Boğaziçi Platform, is trying to do its duty properly and in working condition.

Günsan electricity company is a company as it is written about us on its website.

Günsan Family is modest.

Günsan Family is sincere.

Everyone is a part of the family in Günsan.

Günsan family is both agile and stable.

Günsan family is traditional.


When you enter the company, this is what we wrote on the top that already greets you. They are very professional and sincere in their work. Even if the job you do in their sincerity is difficult, it is not in an aggressive manner that will cause you anxiety.


Whatever the work that companies do, their statements and practices should be the same. We have lived through this to the fullest. And their work went so randomly that everything was completed in order, one after the other, without wasting time and posing no risk. This is what the firm insisted on. The participation of the OHS specialist in the first meeting and taking notes on occupational safety and listing their demands clearly showed what the company paid attention to.


Human worth cannot be measured by anything. Although the value you give to people varies depending on the location, it is essentially with protection and protective measures. The importance you give to your employees is not the measures taken to keep your business running and avoid danger. Perhaps these are impressive situations. But the decisive factor is that the employee does not encounter the slightest threat and danger.

In an environment where occupational accidents are so intense, such moves really give us hope and encouragement.


Our workplaces are “bread is our doors” with a general definition. Where we eat bread, something should not be knotted in our throat. It should be easy for us to digest. Our morale should be high. There is a law of mutual relations in philosophy. Everything is related to each other. Business efficiency brings profitability. If you do everything you can for efficiency and create a healthy environment, your business will be resolved without interruption and your reason for existence will return to you many times over.


If we want to see everyone as equal and to see them in the family concept, we must be unifying, not discriminatory. In fact, it is necessary to give positive discrimination to those who deserve it.

A word of our ancestors says “make the bread to the baker, give one more” We have to leave the job to the expert. It should be like the saying, “Those who know work are those who wear swords.” It was like a proverbial lesson. But we should explain the facts with whatever term and action explains them.

Günsan Elektrik, with thedouble piston lift platform which prochesed from us , the modıfy it and by deviloping it’s structure .

always we are saying ” human first”, that’s why we trying to create the best conditions for workers

You can see this very clearly at Günsan Elektrik. company .

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