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Some of us have read the book of İnce Memed. Even if we do not read, there are those who hear. Even if we do not hear about it, now I am announcing it from here. It is one of Yaşar Kemal’s best works.

This is something that not every novelist can live with, that his hero is now a member of the public.but ı can say that did not see any one like İnce Memed.”He mentions in an interview. Maybe there is, but we may not be able to see it. There is absolutely.

Yaşar Kemal “Before and after I wrote İnce Memed, I would listen to Köroğlu, I will listen again and I can say that he is a İnce Memed.. Clean, friendly, smart, brave… ”and likens the legend .They asked a sage; “Why are you always talking about the dead and their heroism. Are there no living heroes? ” .He looked up and said, “The dead have proven themselves. Their heroism has no chance to change anymore.There may also among survivors, but they can always do the opposite of what they do well in a move opposite to what they do. Heroism is a constant influence. The deceased have passed away without changing this ”. An explanation that we can say is true …


Before we get into heroism and legends, let’s say a little Thin Memed. When you start reading it you get carried away, Yaşar Kemal will take you to Çukurova ,He describes his descriptions, similes, and experiences in such a beautiful way that wherever you are, he takes you and puts you in “the book, into the subject”.You’re getting carried away. You start to wait in silence and as if something is going to happen at any moment.


I read it years ago. Some books or moments are at the center of your life.They are not instant events that come and go in your life, but your reality that is always on your side in the cycle of your life.There are compulsory associations such as breathing, eating, not changing relatives.I do not exaggerate. I believe that I am well past the age to exaggerate. In fact, these kinds of effects affect us because we need them.They exist because we want them. Maybe I had the idea of moving away from where I was at that time and going to a town. Or it could be my quest for a hero,. What we want most is not our hope, expectation or dream anyway?


There was a boy named Uğur. We studied together at the university. Older than me. We became friends. He used to play football very well. Afterwards, our friendship was further consolidated. Our days would all pass together. Traveling with him and spending time together was really good for me. he was a reassuring person,But it was always closed on his ownself. He wouldn’t talk much. The most active and excited place was the football field.He liked to play ball very much . He brought out the real character there. We used to play ball with him every day just because he was relaxing.


There was also Semih. He was also a very quiet friend. We met in Istanbul. He was a few years older than me. He was someone who did not show his quiet reaction. He was cold and cocky, frankly.But they say it was moments of state. When he sat down he would talk to you in a thin and calm voice and listen without hurting you. I never thought about the common features of both. Both of them left a profound effect on me.The perspectives, their power of interpretation, and the way they spoke were pretty ‘big things’ if neither of them were too old. You are surprised when they talk. Their expressions of words about life from psychology to philosophy, from history to art were stuck in your head like a scratch in the skin . After a while, they become your model. Even your vocabulary, drinking tea is like them. They say the petty bourgeois first imitates. Yes, I was starting to imitate them.Among many people, I saw them close to myself and included them in my character and world.

What happened to them? Uğur was not at school when I went after my holidaybreak. Nobody had any news. They said he dropped out of school.He had problems. Later, I heard about it much later, and even a newspaper wrote an article called “Today is your birthday”. . He told him about his longing. No pen can write about a mother’s pain. I learned that Uğur had a sudden death. Everyone was in a shoked.


Semih, it’s a very different thing. He couldn’t do it around here either. His entire family was abroad. He was waiting for news from there. He was waiting for news he could go at any moment.One time we would buy something, he told me “We will go in a week, we won’t buy that much. I would go together too. We arranged everything according to that. I had a job. When I commuted for a week for work – then there was no cell phone – I stopped by the house where we stayed with friends.He dropped a note “I’m going. I could not reach you. I will reach you when I go. ” . I could not get any more news .


Am I comparing them to ince Memed? Maybe not, but as I said, we take what we need into our lives. Both were knowledgeable. Both had character. But Uğur has always remained and will remain a hero in my eyes. As the sage says, those who die cannot change their heroism ,Semih went away and we still haven’t met. Although he looked so characterful, it was obvious that he led a life that contradicted what he said.


Require us ince Memeds. We need heroism and lessons to teach us. We need people whose memories will light us. We always base our fathers, brothers and sisters on the good points of our dead.Especially if your deceased relative is described as good and they make you look like him when he is remembered, see how you enjoy it.You don’t need to be a hero to be remembered well. There is no need to be good for heroism. If we only have good things to remember, we will be remembered sooner or later. With what we do, of course. In either case, comments may change. But we want to prefer the goodone .


Yaşar Kemal said, “I went to Hayat Magazine, I took Iraz’s story. They read it and then gave me fifty turkish lira at that time it’s larg amount of money . . I bought wood for a month with this money.… ”it’s a sad story, of course. It is obvious what conditions they live in. But they never took offense to do what they believed in. And it is a very sincere confession.Because this is what made him Yaşar Kemal.


İnce Memed It caused very important changes for me. I got well known in the world, when I couldn’t buy wood, I rented a house with heating,there is nothing better than that .

He said it very well. With a very clear expression, Yaşar Kemal İnce Memed rented a house with heating and we imagined ourselves reading for them in a house with a wood stove where we missed him.


İNCE MEMED was a different Moment for everyone.


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